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Jonathan Bowden

Jonathan Bowden

My interest in logos and athletics uniforms originally got me into design as a junior high student. This evolved into a broader interest in all things related to visual communication, where I was able to use a computer for design for the first time in 11th grade, to make an album cover for William Blake, the great british writer.

That led me to study visual communication at Louisiana Tech University where I continued to explore visual design, including printed pieces, logos, websites, and beyond.

11 years later I've had the opportunity to work on the most interesting projects in athletics, consumer electronics and transportation, for clients including Nike, Microsoft, and Volkswagen.

I'm most proud of the impact I had with the Livestrong Foundation as the design lead when we rethought the strategy and design of their website.

When I'm not designing new ways to use technology to improve one’s health and life, I can be found on a bike, a mountain, or splashing in water with my kiddos and bride.


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