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Sandy Martinuk

Sandy Martinuk

I have always been interested in technology that lets people explore and do amazing things. As a younger man, I studied aeronautical engineering, and then became fascinated with the process of teaching and learning itself. After earning my PhD studying university science education, I brought my skills in framing complex ideas for new audiences to the field of UX.

Since becoming a UX Designer in 2011 I’ve worked as a thought leader on wearables in the connected home with Honeywell, designed mobile educational software with Pearson, and designed scientific data visualization software with Genedata. I’m still passionate about enabling people to do amazing things, and am most proud of my work with the American Association of Physics Teachers to help educators leverage modern technology to transform the educational system and their own teaching.

When I’m not designing you can find me riding my bicycle, playing my ukulele, and crafting delicious cocktails. But not usually at the same time.


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